Serum Compagnia Del-Colore

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SERUM COMPAGNIA DEL-COLORE It works to restore vitality to damaged hair and gives softness and shine to hair.

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How To Use :

  • Wash your hair before using the serum: Hair serum is known to be a nourishing and restorative product for your hair, and you can only apply it after washing your hair, unlike other hair care products, although many men use it to add a final touch after styling their hair, but it nullifies its main effect by following these The step of preserving, protecting and nourishing your hair, you can adopt a full line of hair products that contain shampoo, conditioner and serum; To enhance your hair with an added benefit.
  • Determine the appropriate amount of serum for your hair: You can determine the appropriate amount based on the length and density of your hair, you can put a few drops of serum between the palms of your hands and apply it to your hair after washing it or after you moisturize it, the ends of your hair can be supported with an additional amount of serum in case you suffer from dry ends Hair or split ends, we recommend that you distribute it across all sections of your hair and flip it forward if it is long or loose; To make sure you distribute it all over your hair, also apply two drops of the serum to your scalp in circular motions.
  • Style Your hair: You can now lay off your hair the way you want it and you will notice allowing free and free from any contract, and you can completely dried using a hair dryer, and assure you the importance of this step is to avoid gathering dust, and dust on your hair and is damp.


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