Body Way Makhmaria

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Body Way Makhmaria moisturizes the skin, gives it super softness and protects the skin from drying out with a fragrant smell that lasts for a longer time

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How To Use:

  • Press the makhmara with your fingertips for several seconds, then press again gently on places of pulse – such as the wrist – or apply a thin layer of makhmari to it, but if you wear accessories, or wash your hands frequently, you can try applying makhmaria to another place.
  • Put it behind your ears and on your neck, to perfume this area and get a beautiful scent.
  • Put it behind your knees or inside your elbows, as it is one of the places where it pulses, and it sweats quickly, which helps to give it a refreshing scent.
  • You can apply makhmaria to anywhere else on your body, especially as it contains oils that safely moisturize the skin. Put a pinch of Makhmaria on your heels to protect them from chapping and perfume your feet, and it can be applied around the nails, to perfume your hands, and to protect the delicate skin in this area from drying out.
  • Apply makhmehria after your shower and dry your body, and well before you put on your clothes, so that you do not leave an oily stain on it.

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Black, lactic, Yellow, Purple, Orange, Green, Blue, Gray


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