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Mask Headway Different types of masks with natural extracts purify the skin and reduce pores.

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Reduces clogging of pores: When applying the peeling mask, it tightens the skin and absorbs the substances that clog the pores. Especially when using active substances that tighten the skin in a good way.

Skin revitalization: You can enjoy 10 – 15 minutes of relaxation, this helps you calm down, especially when you wait for it to dry. Try to do this once a week to stimulate the pores and feel relaxed.

Dealing with pimples: The skin is exposed to many pollutants such as sunlight, cold, rain, dust, smoke. A layer of dead skin forms on the skin, forming black heads. It clogs pores. The peeling mask helps provide an immediate solution to get rid of blackheads.

Protection from bacteria: Protects skin peeling mask from entering the bacteria to open pores and prevent the presence of skin hurt Methodologies.

Great skin conditioner: The peeling mask calms and relaxes the skin and is very suitable for caring for sensitive skin. As it gets rid of dead cells and black heads and tightens the pores of the skin. People with normal skin can use it several times a week for a soothing effect.

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